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  • 2.0 Working Session - 30-Aug-11
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  • OAuth 2.0
    • Service provider is OK. But we need to look at the client side. Make patches for the gadget spec.
  • Open bug on Shindig for OSAPI & OAuth Popup

Meeting Minutes

Mark W. and Matt M. were in the house!
We accomplished a few things. First, we opened up a Jira on Shindig for deprecating the sample container. We opened a new spec issue for the OAuth 2.0 service registration. Matt also created a spec patch for OAuth 2.0 (see the issue for the patch). We started the process for trying to fix the OAuth popup for the osapi. Here's the Jira for Shindig and the discussion on the group list

We started to understand the implementation aspects in shindig of adding the simple gadget support. Matt's dug around in this code a bit and can put some ideas out on the dev list. He's tackling OAuth 2.0 first, which is definitely more of a priority. 

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