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  • Aug 12-13 - Singapore CodeJam24
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Students, faculty and staff of universities and polytechnics in Singapore are invited to compete in the Singapore CodeJam24. On August 12 and 13, at the School of Computing, National University of Singapore, programmers compete to code OpenSocial apps for science on Elsevier's SciVerse platform.

1. USD 1500
2. USD 1000
3. USD 500

Dr Aixin Sun from NTU
Dr Jang-Jae Kim from NTU
Dr Damith Chatura Rajapakse from NUS
Dr Paramjeet Singh Head of R&D from Cerebos Pacific Limited
Rolf Kwakkelaar from National Library Board

The inaugural Elsevier/NUS SgCodeJam24 - a 24-hour programming contest which aims to tackle this information problem. Elsevier's application based content platform allows access to over 10 million full-text scientific articles, 2600 journals, and more than 41 million abstracts, as well as scientific web search results via Open APIs. Registered teams will have 24 hours to create a SciVerse application to benefit scientists, librarians and students and further enhance search and discovery of scientific knowledge and information systems.


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