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Build a social app

Embed your app in social networks around the world.

Create a social app platform

Enable developers to build new social features into your site.

Share and access social data on the web

Let your users take their profiles with them around the web.

Read the Spec

Find out everything there is to know about OpenSocial.

Play in the Sandbox

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The web is better when it's social.

Friends are fun, but they're only on some websites. OpenSocial helps these sites share their social data with the web. Applications that use the OpenSocial APIs can be embedded within a social network itself, or access a site's social data from anywhere on the web.

OpenSocial enables apps,containers, and other clients to collaborate and move the social web forward.

It's Open. It's Social. It's up to you...

Lots of people have helped OpenSocial move the social web forward -- from huge social networking sites, to two-person startups writing social apps. Everyone works together to iterate on the OpenSocial Specification and collaborate on the OpenSocial Wiki. Whether you're writing an app, a social network, or a proposal for the spec, learn how you can get involved and share your ideas with other developers.  Check out all of the ways to get involved below.

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