Spec Changes - v2.5

Each entry should be a link to the Feature request on OpenSocial Resources.

Specification Cleanup
  1. Broken links in spec for app id / group id (Issue 1239,Issue 1223)
  2. Inconsistencies with "-ID" and "-Id" (Issue 1244)
  3. Person service clarification / Update API (Issue 1233)
  4. Align the REST core and core API specs to wrap collection response with "list" property (Issue 1230)
  5. Fix missing ExternalService tag in gadget schema (Issue 1224)
  6. Templating Spec Issues (Issue 1243)
  7. Duplication in makeRequest (Issue 1240) (Fix osapi.http, align request parameters (FULL_HEADERS, etc))
  8. Embedded Experiences Clarification (Issue 1236)
  9. CoreGadget/DataRequest does not link to reference of acceptable values (Issue 1227)
  10. Clarify language around views (Issue 1205)
  11. Create index of APIs -> Features (Issue 1246 )
  12. Versioning Refers To The Wrong Version Of The Spec
  13. No explanation of callback function for osapi.http methods
  14. Remove in-spec references to Portable Contacts (poco draft has no official standing anywhere, hasn't been updated in several years and everything it defines is largely already covered by the OS spec) (Are we still doing this?  There has been discussion on the group about reviving the effort.)
  15. container.views.destroyElement clarification (since this is incubating, we *should* be able to do this)
Spec Changes
  1. Metadata service (Includes discovery) (Issue 1261)
  2. Common Container discussion
    1. newGadgetSite and newUrlSite methods (Issue 1235)
    2. Finalize common container spec and move it out of incubation (Issue 1248)
    3. Update common container GET_PREFERENCES interface to be async
    4. Token Refresh API
    5. Enhance open-views and CommonContainer APIs (is this a 2.5 item??)
    6. Allow openEmbeddedExperience, openGadget, and openUrl to be able to specify x,y coordinates
  3. Embedded Experiences Discussion  
    1. More precision for EE data mode& passing the entire model when EE is opened (Issue 1284)
    2. Simplify the amount of boilerplate code required to get the EE context (Issue 1249)
  4. Adding label on plural fields (Issue 1282)
  5. Additional group models: @followers/@following/@colleagues/@reports/@manager  (Issue 1281)
  6. Add Icons/Screenshots/Privacy Policy/License to gadget metadata (Issue 1283)
  7. Completion of the multipart upload work (gadgets.proxiedMultipartFormPost)
  8. Need to complete OAuth 2.0 related stuff (e.g. Issue 1201)

Candidates for Deprecation  (Issue 1275)

  1. Tabs 
  2. Skins 
  3. OpenSocial WAP Extension