Spec Changes - v3.0

This page will be used to track the proposals for OpenSocial 3.0!

Each entry should be a link to the Feature request on OpenSocial Resources

New Proposals

Spec Cleanup 

  • Simplification and Clarification of entire spec** Drop Core API Spec Document... merge it's stuff more intelligently into the other specifications
    • Provide a new Use-Case Driven Primer
  •  There are many, many more issues... See here for a small sampling... (preview)
  • Move container language from other specs into common container spec (Issue 1247) 

Candidates for Deprecation

  • Deprecate OAuth 1.0 requirements
  • Can we deprecate or at least separate the RPC protocol.. perhaps isolate it for use only with the Javascript API?
  • Can we deprecate the XML Format???  (must have replacement API incubating)
  • Deprecate media items / albums in lieu of CMIS alignment
  • Deprecate makeRequest  (must have fixed osapi API incubating)