OpenSocial Specification Roadmap


In the interests of release predictability and transparency, here is the roadmap for current and future OpenSocial specification development.

For each major release of OpenSocial, we will publish an Implementor's Draft where all major specification changes will be incubated until such time that the community has made significant implementations of these incubating changes and provided feedback. While there is wide agreement in principal, the Community still needs to define and vote on this new process.  Once established it will be documented in the specification process.

The OpenSocial Foundation will plan for a yearly specification release cadence on the OpenSocial specification.

OpenSocial 2.5

Themes for OpenSocial 2.5

  1. Targeted cleanup and de-incubation of major changes introduced in OpenSocial 2.0
    1. Embedded Experiences
    2. Common Container
  2. Specification cleanup that does not require major editorial changes



Early April 2012

First Draft

June 2012

Final Draft

July 2012


OSCON, July 2012


List of Changes: Spec Changes - v2.5

OpenSocial 3.0

Themes for OpenSocial 3.0

  1. Full editorial review (and rewrite) of the specification
  2. Revamp of the OpenSocial REST API
  3. OpenSocial Spaces



May - Sept 2012

Call for New Features

May 12 - Jan 13

Monthly Implementer's Draft

January 2013

Release Candidate 1

February 2013

Release Candidate 2

March 2013


List of Changes: Spec Changes - v3.0