ActivityStreams Proposal

Scope of change: Major
Champion Name: Eric Woods (IBM)
Spec Editors: Eric Woods
Ref implementation: Apache Shindig 3.0

Proposal Vote: (Revision 1349)


ActivityStreams offer a more comprehensive view of activities on the web than the existing Activity construct in OpenSocial.  ActivityStreams are also more widely adopted than the existing Activity construct.


I propose the following support for ActivityStreams in OpenSocial:

  • Support ActivityStreams JSON data model:
  • Support REST end-points to interact with ActivityStream services
  • Support JavaScript APIs for OpenSocial gadgets
    • osapi calls (e.g. osapi.activitystreams.create(...))
    • OSML
    • Templating


ActivityStreams JSON specification

ActivityStreams drafted into OpenSocial 2.0 spec

Reference implementation (Apache Shindig 3.0)

Old proposal from